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2019 The Well of Life Groups 

The Well of Life book is used to help facilitate deep listening and healing prayer helps reveal and remove any roots, roadblocks or dysfunctions in our lives which negatively affect our relationship with God, ourselves and others. The Well of Life group is for those who:

  • Want to deepen their relationship with the Lord.
  • Have had a major life event or are at a point of transition.
  • Feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled.
  • Struggle with an addiction or besetting sin.
  • Long to find their life’s purpose.
  • Desire a more balanced life.
  • Seek freedom from past hurts.
  • Struggle with sexual or relational brokenness.
  • Seek more peace and joy in their lives.
  • Seek healing and reconciliation in relationships.

 The Well of Life group will meet in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We believe God has great things in store for the attendees. Sheila Wise Rowe, Nicholas Rowe and their anointed Team Members will teach, guide, and pray for your healing and restoration. Our team looks forward to welcoming you.

The Well of Life Group will run from March 4, 2019 – May 20, 2019. We will NOT meet on March 18, 2019 and April 15, 2019.

The Well of Life Group is taught in a closed group format and typically each meeting lasts two hours. Participants commit to the duration of the ten session course and our leaders have been trained and a confidentiality policy is in place to help ensure trust and safety in the group.

Participants commit to the duration of the ten session course and our leaders have been trained and a confidentiality policy is in place to help ensure trust and safety in the group.

“The reading and teaching all combined as healing mechanisms. Plus I always felt a covering of the Holy Spirit throughout the course.” (Anna)

 Meeting Agenda

  • Worship: At the start of each meeting we focus on God, our Creator, Healer, and Redeemer.
  • Teaching: Men and women meet together in the large group, there we focus on the Word of God, a chapter from The Well of Life book and testimonies from team members.
  • Prayer: Listening and Healing Prayer may occur during the large group time.
  • Small Groups: Much of the time is spent in assigned small groups where Men and women meet separately for accountability, peer support, listening and healing prayer. Each small group is usually facilitated by a Leader and Assistant.



Come To The Well Of Life  

The Well Of Salvation 

The Well Of Temptation

The Well Of Self-Sufficiency 

The Well Of Family Dysfunction

The Well Of Abuse

The Well Of Rejection and Shame 

The Well Of Unforgiveness

The Well Of Restored Relationships

Rehoboth: The Well Of Rest and The Well Of Purpose. 

We require that you attend ALL of the meetings, and read the required course material and respond to the prepared questions at the end of each chapter. Our hope and prayers are that as you submit to this healing process throughout the 10 sessions the Lord will do a deep healing work in you.


The cost for the 10 session group is $445 per person. We have a sliding fee for those in need but we have limited financial aid so you must apply early. The cost includes the application fee, The Well of Life book, any additional materials provided and weekly refreshments. 

Space is limited so please request then complete and return a Confidential Application Form by the February 25, 2019 DEADLINE 

You will then be required to have a personal interview, after which you will be informed whether this is the appropriate time for you to participate in the group. Upon acceptance into the group and making a full payment or initiating a payment plan you will receive a copy of The Well of Life book.


December 12, 2018: Sheila Wise Rowe taught and led a Q&A on Resolving Family conflict with members of Kingdom Empowerment Center, Cambridge.

December 17, 2018: Nicholas Rowe is quest speaker on the William James College podcast sharing about Spirituality and Social Justice.

February 2019: Nicholas Rowe will be the retreat speaker at the Men's Retreat at Richard Allen A.M.E. Church, Saint Georges, Bermuda